Rod O Real Estate

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agent

Rod Owens is a native Houstonian who has taken a natural transition into the life of entrepreneurship in real estate. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Oklahoma and has built a career in producing assets in a number of industries. He has managed construction and renovation of retail, commercial, industrial, and oil and gas assets for a number of Fortune 500 companies throughout his 18 year career in Corporate America. Working for these companies has allowed him the opportunity of managing projects, personnel, and relationships with many types of individuals from blue collar workers to executives. Going through the process of home ownership and seeing projects go from idea to fruition gave him a passion for wanting to see that look of gratification in others on a personal level and aid them through the frightening process of ownership. Whether you are transitioning into a new rental and preparing for future, looking to purchasing a new home, looking to invest in residential or commercial assets, or seeking a location for your business, Rod is here to serve. His experience and relationships will aid you with knowledge throughout the process while taking those steps along the way so that you are not alone. If you can envision the DREAM, he can make it REALity.

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