Making wearable pieces of art is my passion. I love all things off beat, handmade and nature friendly.

The things that we choose to adorn ourselves with can have a dramatic effect on our wellbeing. That is why I infuse my work with the colourful spirit in which I live my life.

Manaka has come a long way since I started my little one fairy business back in 2011. When I first started selling my creations on ETSY I would never have imagined launching a website with the scale and variety that the new Manaka Portal shows.

This is a meeting point where you can experience the people, places, art, design, music and cultural influences that shape Manaka, whilst showcasing the many and varied talents that I’ve had the chance to meet and work with along the way.

The pieces you will find here are individualistic and timeless, hopefully creating a sentimental place in your wardrobe and in your life.

Manaka creations turn heads and start conversations whilst enabling you to make them your own and preserve your personal style.

The selection here is always eclectic, sometimes eccentric, but unified by a common aesthetic.

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