Larry W. Robinson | Published Author and Business Coach

Larry helps people turn their passion into profits.

Larry W. Robinson was kicked out of kindergarten for talking and asking questions. Now he is known around the world for talking and asking questions on his syndicated radio broadcast airing across the United States, England, South Africa, and many other countries. Larry’s journey into media started in the early 90’s when he founded the “Lake Area” Gospel Music Honors; an annual event to honor local citizens for their contributions of the mission, message and presentation methods of Gospel Music. The Gospel Music Honors has expanded to the Golden Triangle of Texas annually. In recent years, Larry founded the Black Business Honors; an awards soul food banquet designed to honor local owners and employees of Black businesses as well as encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in the Black community. As a published author and business coach, Larry helps numerous people turn their passion into profits. His desire for the next season of his life, is to help 1,000 black families to build generational wealth for the next 100 years of their bloodline. Reach out to Larry via his web site or download his FREE mobile app by searching Larry W. Robinson or Gospel Updates in your mobile app store.

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