Benjamin Banneker Watches

Banneker is a watch and clock company started by Derrick Holmes in 2003. The name pays homage to Benjamin Banneker and one of the companies main missions is to re-build pride, re-energize our youth, and re-focus history toward African American inventors, scientists and notables while inspiring the creative spirit in people of every race and origin.

The Company’s primary goal is to build extraordinary brand recognition and market awareness for our company by educating about our namesake through constant recognition of his significant contributions to our society. Additionally, the Company will embrace our modern day notables who have positively influenced society and will embrace those who have a sense of social responsibility. These notables primarily come from sports and entertainment arenas.

Today, Benjamin Banneker watches are uniquely designed using exotic woods like ebony and zebra wood to create elegant watch faces. No two Banneker watches are alike!
The watch face and wood components are cut and rubbed from rare hardwoods, and the grain of every watch is “personalized” for the wearer as no two pieces of wood are exactly the same. Individual style is even another distinction that supports the rapid growth of Banneker Watches.

Benjamin Banneker Watches has also formed a partnership with Royal Asscher Diamonds who will provide all of the diamonds and precious stones for our timepieces. Since 1854 Royal Asscher has provided some of the worlds most famous diamonds, we are proud to be able to offer them exclusively on our timepieces.

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